Why do people call it the ‘silly season’ or the ‘crazy season’ when in fact this is an amazing time of year? Actually, I call it the ‘crazy season’ because the end of year always brings with it a sense of urgency for me. Even though I get caught up in it, I’m not sure why it has to be this way. Why do we feel compelled to catch up before Christmas or New Year? Why is there an urgency to finish off projects? I can understand that we sometimes need to finish things off at work before going on holidays,... Read More
Many of us have, at some point in time, hated our job – sometimes it’s the work, sometimes the people or just everything about it. Are you wondering right now – Should I stay or should I go? Before you make your decision either way, you may like to bring some curiosity into your situation. Have you been in a similar situation before? Read More
Relationships are the stuff of life. Connecting and communicating with others is a fundamental part of our existence. Take a moment to consider the quality of your relationships: Do you sometimes feel that there is a home-you and a work-you? Do you admit you’re wrong and take responsibility for your actions? Do you give your honest... Read More
“Mindfulness at work” certainly feels like a buzz word at the moment. So many people are talking about it, writing articles and blogs and promoting it in organisations. And yet, there are still many people out there who are not sure of the benefits. Is it just another leadership catch-phrase or flavour of the decade? Have you had mindfulness sessions offered in your workplace? Did you go? Do you consciously practice mindfulness at work?   Read More
Have you lost the human connection? In the quest for better work-life balance you now work predominantly from home. You love the flexibility and the autonomy of your new working arrangements, but something is missing? Maybe you work in a virtual team where all your colleagues are scattered around the country or even around the globe and most of your communication is via email. Read More
Do you think you are a perfectionist? And if so, where on this scale would you place yourself? Regardless of where you are on the scale, your level of perfectionism may also depend on the circumstances. Some of us tend to be more perfectionistic at work compared to home or the other way round.   Here are some traits... Read More
You used to love your job, but now you just feel controlled and helpless. You are worried that you cannot do anything ‘right’, that even though you put so much effort into your work, it’s not recognised and just isn’t enough. You even wonder whether you will lose your job. Do you relate to this? You’re not alone and you’re not helpless.   Read More
You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf …Jon Kabat-Zinn   Stress in the workplace is normal – there are deadlines to meet, more work than hands on deck and you don’t necessarily get on with everyone in the office.  With the global economic downturn, there is greater insecurity and fear of job loss. Each year and decade seems to be getting faster than the previous with new technology that keeps... Read More
You are finishing off a report, you answer the email that comes in, you send a meeting invite that you forgot to do earlier this morning, you go back to your report – now what was it that you needed to add to the graph?? Does the following scenario sound familiar? You are not alone. I used to pride myself in being the queen of multitasking! But over the years I realised that multitasking was more of an illusion than a reality and now research has proven this. Read More
Life has become incredibly fast-paced! I know I’m showing my age, but I remember a time when internal company communication was via memo in a large brown envelope which took hours if not most of the day to get to the recipient’s in-tray. Yes, in-tray not inbox. How things have changed, now we just press ‘send’. Work and life have become about instant action and reaction. If you want to know something you send a quick email and depending on the situation... Read More