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Acceptance allows you to make choices from a position of inner strength. It gives you the opportunity to choose your actions and words in line with your values and not from a place of emotional reactivity.

Acceptance gives greater power to your words and actions.

This mindful contemplation allows you to see how simply allowing yourself to be as you are in the present moment reveals your true strength and character and to see how resisting your experiences takes you away from the power of the present moment.




How can Gratitude change your experience of the world?

I received a Gratitude Journal as a gift and in the process I discovered the lasting effect of bringing gratitude into my daily life. Even when we may be experiencing some challenges, being grateful for what is in our lives can help us learn from the situation and be thankful that it make us a stronger person. Gratitude reminds us of what is important and to be thankful for the people in our lives.

This mindful contemplation explores the quality of gratitude that already exists within you, allows you to express gratitude for those close to you as well as those that have brought you difficulty.

Bringing GRATITUDE into your life will change your outlook on life – this will change your world for the better.