My experience

I have worked in the corporate environment for over 20 years, across 2 continents and in different working cultures. I have an understanding of the challenges you face in this fast-paced and competitive environment.

As a recovering workaholic, I have learned how to bring greater balance into my work life. It has been a long journey but I have lived it to learn it. 

The tools and strategies I write about have been extensively researched and I also give you my own personal experience. I have seen how these techniques motivate people to engage, bring greater focus to their work and build their own resilience and work-life balance.

I walk the talk!

I have a depth of understanding and compassion for people's professional and personal development that only comes from being on my own personal journey.

I am the best I can be by motivating people to be the best they can be. My success comes from building success in others.”

My professional career

I hold a number of academic qualifications, including a Bachelor of Pharmacy and a Masters of Science in clinical medicine and I have worked in the medical and pharmaceutical environment for over 20 years.

My most challenging career has been as a student of life.

A bit more about Me

I was born and raised in the small scenic seaside town of East London, South Africa. Growing up in the apartheid years, I witnessed how some people were consumed by their life situation and yet others rose above it. I have always been fascinated by people’s resilience and dedication to their purpose in life. This has led to a life of exploration into what drives us as human beings not just ‘human doings’ - How we shape our environment and how our attitude creates our opportunities.

I have embraced all of life’s personal and work challenges, disappointments, mistakes as well as achievements with total commitment and energy.

At the end of life it will not matter how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made or how many great things we have achieved. Who we are, how we have lived and loved will matter most.